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Positive Customer Experience Driving
the Bottom Line


Higher Share of Wallet

CXM fosters 14% higher share of wallet than your competitors.


Lift in Conversion

CXM improves conversion rates by providing personalized experiences.


Improvement in NPS

CXM drives improvement in Net Promoter Score (NPS) by providing positive customer experiences.


Higher Customer Retention Rate

CXM increases customer retention rates by creating positive experiences and reducing churn.


Customer Lifetime Value

CXM increases customer lifetime value by providing personalized experiences.


Revenue Growth from Cross-Sell

CXM drives revenue growth from cross-sell by providing personalized recommendations.

Why Choose FCI’s CXM Platform?

Advance Analytics

The CXM platform leverages advanced algorithms to analyze customer data in real time, providing insights into consumer behavior, trends, and patterns, leading to actionable insights.

Easy-to-use Interface

The platform is user-friendly with an intuitive user interface and easy navigation, enabling even non-technical team members to use the platform effectively.

Dynamic Personalization

Demonstrate how the platform enables businesses to deliver a personalized customer experience by leveraging customer data to tailor interactions and content to each individual customer's preferences, history, and behavior.

Omnichannel Approach

The platform allows businesses to track and manage the customer experience across multiple channels, including web, mobile, email, social media, and more. This will allow a seamless experience for your customers, no matter where they are reaching you from.


The platform is easily scalable, allowing businesses to grow and expand their customer base without having to invest in additional infrastructure or resources. This will make it easier for the business to keep up with the growth of the customer base and provide a seamless experience for the customers.

Revolutionize your business with
Customer Experience Management

Unleash your digital potential

Unleash your digital potential

Revolutionize your customer experience with unparalleled personalization and streamlined operations.

Tear down communication barriers

Tear down communication barriers

Empower your marketing, customer service and communications teams to break inter-departmental silos to deliver seamless omnichannel experiences.

Power up personalization

Power up personalization

Utilize advanced algorithms to create unique, tailored experiences on a massive scale.

Boost brand impact

Boost brand impact

Deliver the right content, at the right time, through the right channel and make your brand shine.

Streamline your workflow

Streamline your workflow

Effortlessly manage your content and increase productivity with business user/marketing workflows and automation.

Create a seamless journey

Create a seamless journey

From acquisition to retention, provide fast, personalized and consistent experiences that keep your customers coming back for more.

Industry Leaders Trust FCI

Bharti Genral Insurence

We cannot maintain all our current individual systems that support single use cases any longer. Only if we do things from the customer's perspective, will we maintain sustainable and effective customer service. We leveraged the best of FCI solution to consolidate templates into reusable assets and cut service time by more than half. We have and will continue to count on FCI’s capabilities to deliver the remarkable.

Rohit Kohli

SVP - Customer Services & Operations, Bharti AXA General Insurance

ICICI Bank Log

We recognized the need to reimagine customer engagement to keep up with ever-evolving customer needs. FCI has helped us streamline communication generation process and relieved resources for innovation and ideation. In a competitive market we are now in a much better position to deliver much more, much faster.

Indranil Ghosh

Technology Head, Cards & Payments, ICICI BANK

Tata Aia

In the current competitive environment, we need to be innovative and customer centric and we are happy to be associated with FCI to have the expectation set in line with customer delight. The video engagement was one of the best in the insurance market delivered by TALIC with support of FCI. The service delivery is exceptional as they have never stopped even during pandemic situation by arranging the secured way of in-house arrangements for their staff to work and ensure timely delivery of policy documents.

Arunava Roy Mukherjee

Assistant Vice President, Operations Tata AIA

Customer Retention with Enhanced Experience

FCI’s Customer Experience Management platform offers advanced functionalities such as multi-channel communication, interaction tracking, reporting & statistics, template management, customer engagement, activity dashboard, forms management, chatbots, etc.

  • Personalization
  • Dynamic Communications
  • In-Video Interactivity
  • Omnichannel Experiences

Tailored to Perfection: The power of personalization in customer retention

Personalization plays a critical role in customer retention. By providing tailored experiences to each customer, companies can build stronger relationships and increase customer loyalty. Personalization can take many forms, including customizing product recommendations, email campaigns, and website content based on individual customer behavior and preferences.

Customer Support

Interact and Engage: The key to building customer loyalty

Dynamic and interactive communications are crucial for engaging customers and building brand loyalty. By creating interactive experiences, such as quizzes, polls, and surveys, companies can gain valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviors. These interactions can also help build relationships with customers and keep them engaged.

Survey form enhancing customer experience

A Personal Touch: The benefits of personalized videos in customer retention

Personalized videos are an effective way to engage customers and increase retention. By using customer data to create videos that are relevant to each individual, companies can create a personalized experience that is both memorable and impactful. Personalized videos can be used for a variety of purposes, including onboarding, product demos, and marketing campaigns.

Insurance Customer Communications

Unified Experiences, Increased Engagement: The omnichannel approach

To maximize the impact of CXM on customer retention, companies must ensure that their customer experiences are seamless and consistent across all channels. Delivery orchestration, omnichannel integration, and features such as self-service portals and chatbots can help companies deliver a unified customer experience, increase engagement, and drive customer loyalty.

multi-channel communications

Delivering value across customer lifecycle

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Turn Ordinary Conversations into
Extraordinary Experiences

contacts engaged

Contacts Engaged

Communications Delivered

Communications Delivered

Personalized Experiences

Personalized Experiences



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Exciting things are always happening at FCI, and we're always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in CXM. Here's what's new and noteworthy! Get in touch with our experts to understand more about the relevance of customer-centric business transformation and technology platform options.

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