Major Challenges Impacting Customer Experience (CX) Trends In 2022

CCM Software managing Customer Experience In Businesses

“Innovation is changing that unlocks new values.”
– Jamie Notter

In this digital era, Customer Experience Management is now considered one of the best assets for business growth across various industries, especially where the competition has set bars for them to be innovative to survive. As a result, organizations are implementing Customer Experience Trends in context with their Brands.

Customer Experience (CX) Strategies for Business Success

According to PwC, “Among all customers, 73% point to experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions, behind the price and product quality.” The fact clearly signifies the importance of CX as customers are willing to pay more to companies providing superior customer experience above price and product quality. Managing Customer Experience is the key competitive differentiator in the digital age; businesses that are kept in delivering exemplary experiences are the ones thriving.

Thus, delivering exemplary customer experience solely accounts for business success.

There is a number of forces impacting great CX like consumer power, customer communication management, regulatory compliance, etc. Organizations that have overcome these disruptive forces are the ones witnessing countless growth opportunities.

Digitizing Customer Experience Management (CXM)

Let’s deep dive into the below infographic curated by Quadient and learn more about the 4 disruptive forces that organizations should overcome to create WOW Customer Experiences:

Customer Experience and Customer Communication Trends Infographic