CCM Consulting Services Improving your Customer Communications

FCI Customer Communication Management (CCM) Consulting Services

Enterprises can no longer just respond to change – they must now lead it. When business practices, technology, and customer needs are changing so rapidly, your success – even survival – depends on making sure that your business is keeping pace. In this age of the customer, the only sustainable competitive advantage is knowledge of, and engagement with, customers.

Therefore, enterprises are making investments in Customer Communications Management (CCM) platforms to improve the strategic communications process.

However, customer-centric organizations are significantly challenged in aligning and optimizing Customer Communications because of limited resources, or capacity to manage the demand. As a result, they are unable to leverage the full potential of CCM platforms. Achieving a truly customer-centered business model requires a new mindset and a new approach.

The answer lies in a more active approach towards CCM consultancy services, that isn’t simply aligned to outcomes but acts as a catalyst—fueling change that will significantly improve business workflows, reduce turnaround time and costs, improve customer communications and deliver the best CX, at each touchpoint in the customer lifecycle.

” The right mix of business process automation technology with industry expertise makes reimagination happen.”

Key Business and CCM Technology Challenges:

Enterprises urgently require greater agility to meet market demand, improve efficiency and ensure operational excellence, but face significant challenges:

  • Developing Rapid Response capabilities. Nearly 25% of U.S. enterprises indicate a need to respond to the most urgent requirements in 24 hours or less, with more than 50% indicating 48 hours or less. Ultimately, organizations need to develop capabilities to respond to critical business situations.
  • Ensuring centralized management of processes. According to IDC research, only one-third of US firms have a centralized platform for CCM. Collectively, businesses appear to be significantly challenged to effectively manage all their communication tools and resources.

CCM Consulting Services

Enterprises say CCM consulting services can support their efforts to achieve business goals – 51% of U.S. Clients want CCM consultants to help them with these critical requirements:

  1. Upgrade infrastructure (re-platform legacy Customer correspondence applications to newer CCM applications)
  2. Migrate existing customer correspondence applications
  3. Upgrade Customer correspondence applications to the most recent releases of the CCM Platform
  4. Centralize isolated Customer correspondence applications
  5. Ensure Speed to market and reliability
  6. Ensure robust security and service assurance

The customer journey is increasingly shifting towards Customer Experience (CX). More companies are moving in this direction to reduce costs, differentiate themselves, improve customer engagement, and enhance business results.

Reap the Benefits of CCM Consulting:

  • Business agility: CCM Consulting enables quick access to new CCM capabilities that improve agility to respond to customer requirements.
  • Optimized productivity and performance: Customer Experience Experts can help improve staff productivity, resource utilization, business growth, and transformation.
  • Gain access to a broad range of in-depth, specialist skills: Your ROI is so much greater when you work with the right CCM Consulting services partner with a deep track record of success.
  • Cost Saving: Experienced CCM technical personnel will understand your business, ensure that the outcome is what you desire, and deliver quality while maintaining your budget.

“Get expert professionals who have expertise in empowering businesses through successful CCM project rollouts.”

FCI CCM Consulting Services

FCI CCM Consultancy services are designed to help enterprises transition to utilizing CCM technology and services and effectively managing resources. By leveraging our expert resources and more than a decade of experience in providing CCM consultancy services, FCI helps organizations achieve their business and operational imperatives.

With our deep industry knowledge, intelligent insights, and practical innovations, FCI can help you respond more quickly to your business challenges and opportunities.

Strategic Differentiators
FCI differentiates its CCM Consultancy via a set of key building blocks that deliver the level of value that clients seek across the full spectrum of enterprise delivery options:

  • Modular approach: You can initiate engagement for one or more processes/modules based on your project requirements.
  • Flexible Engagement: Fixed cost projects with detailed Scope of Work (SOW) or Time & Material (T&M) engagement.
  • Practices: State-of-the-art processes with international quality standards.
  • Tiered pricing: Let you assess and choose services based on deliverables and costs for each process. We ensure optimum ROI for your dollar.
  • Compliant: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2013, PCI DSS, HIPAA.

A few accomplishments with our CCM Implementations

Over the years, FCI has successfully sped up digital transformation and served the CCM needs of many organizations.

A few examples:

  1. The client is a leading bank with 35 million customers. FCI migrated its customer correspondence from multiple legacy applications to a leading CCM Platform. The project required the integration of multiple data streams with multiple formats for input. FCI provided end-to-end Implementation, and template conversions, and successfully set up a centralized system for all delivery channels.
  2. An insurance client was using multiple business applications for their customer correspondence. Due to the growth in customer base, tools were taking too much time to create and send out welcome kits, policy packs, renewal notices, etc. They were also not able to use the latest innovations such as HTML5 dynamic documents due to capability gaps in the existing technology infrastructure. FCI migrated all their customer correspondence within 3 months. Now, the centralized platform enables them to centrally compose, manage and send out communications for all delivery channels. FCI was involved in end-to-end migration, starting from suggesting the right platform, to application integration and template conversions. They also provide managed support for their output generation activities.

FCI has one of the largest teams of CCM Experts and has set up impeccable solutions, reduce risk, and managed customer correspondence for enterprises in banking, insurance, telecom, utilities, and healthcare.

Whether you are just starting your CCM journey or are an advanced user, our CCM Consultancy services (GMC Inspire Services and OpenText Exstream Services) will help you solve your challenges by leveraging the full potential of the capabilities available in CCM consulting services.

FCI is uniquely equipped to help you build and manage a highly available, reliable infrastructure that meets your dynamic business needs. Our CCM Resources amplify your team’s expertise and productivity.