5 CCM Software Solutions elevating Telecom Customer Experience (CX)

Best CCM Software For Telecom Industry

Customer Experience in Telecom Industry has been a global hit in the past few years and is still growing at a fast pace. The number of telecom users has grown tremendously and as per Statista “In 2019 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.68 billion.” However, the expansion also means a rise in customer churn rate, which forces it to innovate its Customer Experience Strategy in the Telecom Industry.

CCM Software for Telecom Industry

How to innovate the first-digital telecom?

The disruptions of new technologies have provided a competitive landscape for getting analytics for the telecom industry business. The need to deliver on-time services along with relevant and timely experiences has become a must in the telecom sector.

The fact that the industry that provides the backbone of digitalization has been slow in digitalizing its internal operation process is very ironic. Also, internet-based communication tools and technologies like VOIP are dramatically reducing the traditional profits of telecom operators.

With multiple communication devices being seamlessly connected, investments in customer communication technologies are crucial for telcos to develop customer-centric solutions. Customer Journey Telecom explores all the prevailing challenges of delivering a seamless experience to customers. Hence, enabling them with the capabilities to innovate and provide omnichannel communications to their customer analytics telecom.

Here are a few ways in which the telecom industry can embrace CCM software to deliver delightful digital experiences:

  • Consistency in Communications: To provide users with consistent experiences across diverse interaction channels, telecom providers need to transform their customer engagement strategies and capitalize on the opportunity across all touch points. With CCM software telecommunication service providers can maintain consistency in the communications delivered as per customer preferences which in turn will optimize the lifetime value of the customer. The CCM software provides a platform where the communication channels and siloed processes can be combined into a single window to meet customers’ demands proactively and consistently.
  • Personalized Services: Initially providing services to customers via web, email, chat, and social media was considered personalization. With the introduction of new channels, the meaning of personalization has changed. Customers seamlessly want to move from one channel to the next. Therefore, it is on the organizations to leverage the pre-approved content captured through various sources and deliver fully personalized and meaningful communications in real-time, while maintaining regulatory compliance and business standards. With agile CCM software, telecom service providers can quickly, and easily compose, create, and deliver relevant & personalized communications on the customer’s preferred channels, thereby enhancing the overall customer experience in telecommunications.
  • Interactive and Bi-directional Documents: In the haste to deliver digital experiences, telecom service providers are focusing more on the cloud, mobile, and video as the channel for communication. But to stay relevant it is very important for them to adopt a long-term goal for the transformation and examine how they can innovate and accelerate their growth path. And, since there is a lot of documentation and paper-based work involved, it becomes difficult for the telecom sector to manage multiple pieces of information at one time. Thus, with the help of CCM technology, telecom organizations can create highly personalized and interactive communications in the form of monthly bills. These bills can be delivered as a web-based dynamic HTML file via emails, SMS, or push notifications. These dynamic bills include data summaries, transactional sorting of data, graphs, embedded spreadsheets, and multiple call-to-actions.
  • Reduced Compliance Issues: The Telecom sector has been struggling to keep pace with market compliance and regulatory norms. This has affected the agility and the capabilities of the telecom sector to implement a customer communication strategy and deliver new products. With CCM software telecom organizations don’t have to depend on third-party vendors for getting their documents printed. They can simply log in to the software and make changes to the existing documents or create a new document as per the regulatory compliances. Thus, customer communication management software reduces compliance risk and improves efficiency by enabling the team to collaborate throughout the communication processes.
  • Less Dependency for Printing Documents: Getting invoices, and bills printed and dispatched via third-party vendors is one of the major challenges faced by the telecom sector. The dependency on pre-printed stationery increases the cost and makes the organization inept to personalize communications as per the customer’s need. An agile Customer Communication Management technology allows dynamic printing on color printers by supporting the AFP format, which eventually reduces the third-party dependency along with the printing and stationery costs. Also, with the help of AFP printing, a customized marketing message can be printed on the customer’s bill which ensures flexibility and responsiveness to market dynamics in no time.

Customer Communication Management for Personalized Communication

The telecom industry has been the backbone for other industries for ages and it’s time for them to step up their Telecom customer experience strategies and deliver super engaging customer communications.

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