Outsourcing the Customer Communications landscape in 2022

In today’s era of incessant digital transformation, customer communications are no longer about offering just a print and an electronic copy of the same document. Organizations need to swiftly adopt modern communication landscapes and implement cutting-edge Customer Communication Management (CCM) Systems that can support efficient and centralized processes for all delivery channels.

Companies using conventional tools, continuously struggle for faster turnaround times and centralized processes for each format of communication. Sometimes, they end up subscribing to several business function applications, realizing later that their major challenges have not been addressed at all.

CCM Software Eliminating Business Challenges

While working with several companies, we found that enterprises, SMBs, or start-ups, based on their customer base, financial abilities, and deployed CCM platform, have their own challenges.

Major Challenges for SMBs using legacy systems or multiple business function applications:

  1. Customer communications for different delivery methods are processed in silos that call for an extra workload.
  2. Disjointed processes to create different formats of correspondence often cause inconsistent formatting.
  3. High turnaround time.
  4. High operational cost for customer communications due to multiple systems and processes.
  5. Cost barriers to implementing a cutting-edge CCM System.
  6. High barrier to offering innovative CX Solutions due to lack of infrastructure and expertise.

Major Challenges for Start-ups using CCM Systems:

  1. The high-cost barrier for capital investment.
  2. Unwillingness to incur fixed costs of expensive modern CCM tools.
  3. High standards of customer communications, set by existing market players.
  4. Immediate scale-up or scale-down due to varying workloads.
  5. Unable to attract new customers through superior customer communications due to lack of infrastructure and expertise.

Major Challenges for large-scale organizations already having a modern CCM platform:

  1. Unable to find expert resources who are completely aware of the latest advancements in the CCM platforms.
  2. Finding it difficult to obtain manpower when there is an extra workload and they want to scale up immediately.
  3. Increased Overhead due to maintenance of bench strength to be ready for the unforeseen workload.

All these challenges led us to the same question: Can organizations, both large and small, transform Customer Experience Management Software, without burning a hole in their pockets?

The answer is Yes. A recent couple of years have witnessed a path-breaking trend in customer communications management. Several organizations that considered CCM processes as a ‘must have in-house’ went ahead with outsourcing them to expert CCM services companies.

Cost-Effective CX Tool- The CCM Software

The inception of CCM as Managed Services has started bridging the gaps between small-medium businesses and financially able established organizations.

Irrespective of an organization’s financial abilities, managed services empower them and offer customer communications at par with industry standards. These services are often called game changers as they offer CCM at variable costs, and have eliminated the need for any capital investment into technical infrastructure, licensing, or in-house team.

The salient benefits of CCM as managed services are as follows:

  1. No capital investment into technical infrastructure and licensing
  2. Integrated processes through cutting–edge CCM tools
  3. No need of maintaining a pool of in-house skilled resources
  4. Scale-up or scale-down anytime on the basis of workload
  5. Optimized processes for faster turnaround time
  6. Extended capabilities through partnership with CCM expert company, help adopt innovative CXM Solutions easily
  7. Variable costs per communications

CCM as managed service has opened up new grounds to facilitate excellent customer experience management software without any investment barriers.

The industry witnessed several companies that were able to adopt innovative Customer Experience Solutions way ahead of their peers, at no capital investments. Managed services offer faster turnaround time, integrated processes, and flexibility to scale up or scale down anytime without any overheads.

Several large-size organizations have now started partnering with CCM services companies for their customer communications, choosing to stay away from the hassles of finding expert resources, recruiting, and training. A few large-scale organizations have outsourced their complete process, to concentrate better on their business objectives, letting their CCM partner take good care of their customer communications.