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FCI is a leading solution provider for banks, financial institutes, insurance, healthcare, telcos and utilities for managing their customer communications. All this is delivered through a Managed Services approach in an onsite or offsite model or through a private cloud infrastructure based on what suits best clients needs.


FCI constantly innovates to enhance multi-channel communication to deliver messages seamlessly across multiple media. Our goal is to optimize the effectiveness of every communication sent to a customer and drive business objectives and growth to maximize the bottom line.


FCI’ history of superior service quality, proven track record and extensive industry knowledge helps our customers meet their business goals, support regulatory compliance, improve the effectiveness of their customer communications and drive business growth. Our Managed Services approach ensures that our customers do not have to worry about buying and managing expensive CCM tools.  Instead our solution seamlessly integrates with your existing in-house, legacy and third party applications and workflows to make your customer engagements personalized and meaningful.


FCI has gone through several business transformations over the last 5+ decades of its existence – in the document management space. From a typewriting school to a copy shop to a chain of quick print stores and up until recently, India's largest transactional print & mail service provider. And now, one of the leading global service providers in Customer Communications Management solutions. 


Since 2003 FCI has been helping companies manage their critical customer communications in industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecom and Utility. We help our customers deliver relevant content through the right channel and at the right time. Our experience of more than a decade in managing transactional documents has given us the insights needed to solve complex challenges that an organization faces - be it managing different data formats from multiple data sources / systems or generating high volume documents for delivering through multiple channels or timely generation and delivery of documents for quicker payment collection cycle. 




Company Factsheet - At a Glance

Our global talent, leading CCM services and solutions, and extensive partner network help clients transform their customer communications processes and enhance multi-channel communications to deliver messages seamlessly across multiple media.