Digital Customer Journey

Digital Customer Journey in the BFSI

The customer communication with FCI

Today’s consumer is smart, tech savvy and mobile friendly with digital sources of information at hand. The upcoming fintechs and non-banking startups pose a challenge to the way traditional banks operate, while customer expectations evolve sooner than they are documented. On the other hand, as the understanding of technology improves, banking customer demographics change with customers expecting for more sophisticated experiences. Here is how FCI is the medium for better customer experience:

    Digital Customer Journey: Advantages in the BFSI sector

  • Outcome:A new path towards Digital CCM tool to aid the customers’ journey in the banking, financial services, and insurance sector
  • Disputes: Moving from traditional banking system to digitization

  • Personalized customer mapping: Opportunities

  • Prospects: How BFSI sector is evolving through a CCM tool?
  • Scope in CCM:With the recent advancements in technology organisations need to keep pace with the new advancements.

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