Communications compliance, Audit & Readiness

Your IT managers have to juggle between so many responsibilities, that ensuring compliance throughout your customer communications can be tricky.

Here is our 4-step audit readiness to make your communications compliance ready at every stage of journey:



  • Identify your data sources, business rules, templates, integration requirements and more.
  • Evaluate your existing business processes to make recommendations for optimising software use, improve cost savings and enhance efficiency.


  • Record generation and information exchange across systems
  • Trigger events & communication sources
  • Audit process timelines and old templates for brand voice and content accuracy
  • Functional overlaps


  • Identification of Gaps & RCA of erroneous communications
  • Classification of gaps as per their business impact
  • Identify key challenges in overcoming the gaps
  • Identify & interacting with systems/stakeholders impacted in case of change at different touchpoints


  • Preparing/Modifying the SOP of the communication process
  • SOP for optimized customer engagement.
  • List of communications across the life cycle with appropriate system triggers.
  • Process & content enhancement recommendations, including CTA’s and linking them to appropriate system.
  • Optimum way for exception handling.
  • Providing a report on the overall communication with the effective suggestions and action plan.


  • Meet external regulatory requirements
  • Eliminate multi-disjointed communication systems
  • Eliminate asynchronous & erroneous Communications
  • Reduce high communication TATs
  • Enhanced effectiveness of CTAs

Communications Automation

Automation has paved its way in almost every aspect of business including communications.
It allows businesses to control customer interactions using software and reduce dependency on the human factor.

This is how we do it for you:


  • Using Varta, a centralized hub for communications management, we enable effective collaboration between multiple teams like business, IT, legal, compliance and filing and disrupt Silos!


  • We help companies achieve communication automation fully by combining their customer data with conditional logic, REST APIs and orchestrate at scale.
  • This allows us to automate all routine communications like statements and speed up real-time, ad-hoc customer interactions.


  • Enhanced operational efficiency and smooth CX.
  • Increase in end-user productivity.
  • Customer communications management turned nimble and user-friendly.
  • Greater customer loyalty and higher customer retention levels leading to business growth.

Varta: Transforming Customer Experience Management

Optimizing your customer communications is an important step towards Digital transformation.
For many, however, it comes as an afterthought, and companies are left scrambling to try to fit in.
We guide organizations through this transformation to facilitate their customer experience goals.

Pillars of Customer Experience Management (CXM)
Strategy and Leadership

A strong commitment to a digital-first strategy from leadership down is the backbone of a successful CXM strategy. Without this commitment, you’ll hit some bumps along the way.

Customer-Centered Organization

Prioritizing customers puts CXM at the heart of a digital-first organization. This helps the journey to digital maturity get faster and results in higher conversion rates, increased customer loyalty, and a robust bottom line.


Making data broadly accessible provides insights that inform business decisions. Content may tell your story, but data will tell you how, when, where, and who you put it in front of.

Content at Scale

Without content, data is merely information. But properly leveraged, data can make your content more relevant and personalized at scale, across any channel, based on personal needs and context.

Journey Management

It’s important to be ready to optimize what you deliver across the many journeys your customers take. That means leveraging AI for scale and speed so you can react at the pace your customer's demand.

Optimized Experiences

Digital experiences that are personalized, nurturing, and compelling help you connect with your customers, and build revenue and loyalty. But achieving the best ROI means you have to measure constantly and optimize continually.

Business Outcome
  • Eliminate lag time and poor customer experiences via automation.
  • Communications delivery orchestration to facilitate the customer experience at every touchpoint.
  • Provide a seamless cross-channel experience through one easy-to-use interface.

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© 2023 FCI. All Rights Reserved.
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