Interaction based on preferences

Customers have more ways to interact with businesses than ever before. Connect with them when, where, and how they want. Engage each of your customers with personalized communications and keep track of every customer using robust data analytics.

Consolidate information conversations
Leverage instant messaging with images, audio.

Centralize information
using single platform

Centralized customer information empowers your sales team to have contextual and meaningful conversations with each customer. Varta helps in removal of inter-departmental silos and optimizes outbound as well as inbound communications processing.

Communicate with customers individually

Focus on the overall
quality of interaction

Develop an approach that covers every possible form of customer interaction and provides a holistic solution. Varta helps in improving the quality of every single customer communication by including dynamic and interactive elements.

Foster seamless customer experience

Enable customers with uniform experience, whether you communicate with them online, in-store or branch, on the phone, or anywhere else. Varta helps with creation of new documents and template designing with data fetched from your legacy systems in real time.

Consolidate information conversations

Get Real-time insights and comprehensive campaign reports on your engagements with Varta.

Track your pVideo performance

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© 2023 FCI. All Rights Reserved.
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