Overcome short attention spans with simple

Overcome short attention spans

Boost customer engagement with simple, easy to understand, and high output personalized videos. This enables your customers to understand complex documents curbing misselling of products and improving product awareness.

Real-time data integration

Share dynamic videos to the right people at the right time with customer data fetched directly from your source systems in real time. With the help of robust data-analytics keep a track of each communication and its performance in terms of engagement, clicks, etc

Send dynamic videos to the right people
Engage each customer personally and motivate action

Highly engaging CTAs

Engage each customer personally and motivate action with cost-effective personalized videos. This improves the overall response time of customers and improves the chances of a desired response from every customer.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Track your pVideo performance with actionable data insights & visually powerful reporting. Data analytics is a powerful component of the platform that enables the user to take calculated decisions in terms of customer communications.

Powerful reporting and analytics

Get Real-time insights and comprehensive campaign reports on your engagements with Varta.

Track your pVideo performance

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© 2023 FCI. All Rights Reserved.
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